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Beton Basin Construction Phases

Construction of concrete basins

Бассейн из бетонаToday, many of the country ' s owners have ordered the construction of open or closed concrete pools, which have long ceased to be luxury.

To have a secure design, walls and bottom of its cups concrete. For these purposes, heavy high-quality concrete is used, mixed with various hydrophobic additives and plastics.

Beton basins

  • The basin ' s long-term strength is higher than that of the metal structure corrosion. A flat concrete without a sink with a small amount of capillars used by AstraPool masters can extend the basin to 50 years or more.
  • Beton cassettes can have a wide range of opportunities to pursue the most bold designs. You will be able to translate any complex design-project design--- build an in-depth pool and its terrestrial section using a variety of pool plain-clothing options.Строительство бассейна из бетона Speaking above the surface of the concrete structure can be painted not only by a classic cafeteria, but also by a mosaic decor, decoration from a decoration stone, tree or even a common border.
  • Construction of concrete pools Provides designs with special strength and resilience to the destructive effects of moisture. Bethon is the only known material that, with constant water exposure, only increases its firmness and reliability.

Continuous concrete method

The priority method of concrete in the construction of the basin is the continuous titanium per reception. In this process, the segments of the concrete mixture are well connected without the so-called cold junction.

Such clashes constitute a serious problem: when the concrete is installed, its structure changes considerably and each subsequent layer has its own properties. If the bottom layer of the pool has already been drilled, the next layer of solution will be bad for it.

At the contact point of these segments, the concrete is formed by a cold junction which is disturbing the basin ' s leakproofness.

Therefore, continuous concreteization is the preferred way to build basins. It contributes to the creation of a monolithic cup of concrete without cracking, sinking and other violations of the integrity of the ferretian structure.

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