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Бассейн на даче: инструкция по строительству своими рукамиWell, good life is always associated with the existence of a pool of its own, where it's so convenient to lie down in the drawer and drink something cool. Someone's representing a foreign resort.
But there's nothing to do with the exact same tanning around the pool and on your lucky precinct. It's just a little hard to make a luxury atribut with his own hands. It is not necessary to be a professional constructioner or to have an unlimited free time reserve. Having read this article carefully, you hardly have any questions about how to do it yourself. Basin

Preparatory phase for basin construction

The location of the basin, its design and even the availability of additional equipment should be considered in advance of construction.

Selection of a suitable pool location

A place for a new pool cannot be chosen, based only on its own tastes. External factors are also very important and will have a direct impact on the quality of exploitation. These are the main ones:

Бассейн на дачеLocation near the high tree pool. The fact is, in the hot and dry weather, a plant may lack water in the soil, and it will naturally root in the direction of an artificial watermelon, which threatens to damage the basin. And changing or purifying water will have to be much more frequent, because there will be many leaves from trees. If such waste is not released in time, it will cause the spread of green algae in water.

The predominant direction of the wind. It's very important for a pool cleaner. It's better to place it in such a way that all water-filled leaves and dirt in the wind take the side of the drain pipe to remove the excess water. That's how the rubbish will flow naturally from the pool.

If the site is heterogeneous in soil composition, it would be preferable to select a pool seat in a location with glinist species. The point is, this soil is badly watering the moisture, which means the water won't go to the ground if there's a crack somewhere. Using the natural slope of the soil, it would greatly facilitate and reduce land work.

Selection of the optimal form of the basin

Based on the designs of glass magazine pools, some are burning the idea of doing something similar. Except the magazines don't tell how much work it takes to build such a design and to keep it in order.

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