Pool Supply and Maintenance

Tule Basin Construction

Строительство бассейнов в Туле

The L.N. Tolsthogo TPGU physical and health complex was opened in November 2012. Construction was carried out within the framework of the " One Russia " project of 500 universities. A unique building has been built in record short periods: the basin ' s technological equipment allows for strict water and air temperature requirements. Water passes several stages of mechanical and chemical treatment, oxygen is saturated and chlorine is not required. The pool cup is made of special durability stainless steel. The project was designed to take into account the needs of people with disabilities, and the basin is equipped with pandas and lifters. The length of each of the four tracks is 25 metres. Sports competition equipment has been installed.

At the solemn opening of the basin, the L. N. Tolstog V. A. Panin of the Basin rector of the TGAP, noted that the entire multi-tiered group of the university had been following with concern the construction of a new modern basin. He stressed that the implementation of such a large-scale project was only possible thanks to the One Russia project and the Government of Tul province. " The Governor visited the building site on several occasions, followed the work personally " , said Vladimir Alexeivic.

The University ' s partners were the Tula Administration, the Capital Construction Administration, the Tuloughuks Capital Construction Establishment, the SMG.

The base works round, many tulars assessed his comfort, good staff, a convenient time schedule. In the basin, physical education is provided for L.N. Tolstoy TPG students, health classes for children and pensioners under an agreement with the Regional Administration.

Training in swimming for children and adults is carried out by experienced trainers, L.N. Tolstoy teachers of TPG, among whom are international sports masters, Russian champions and prizes, Tul oblast.

Basin construction (Fothoalbomb)

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