Pool Supply and Maintenance

Core Basin Design And Construction

Qualitative equipment for basins and spa zones in wholesale and pest
Строительство бассейнов | Строительство бассейнов под ключ в

The most sophisticated and complex fantasies can become reality. We've been building private and public pools and spa zones for over 10 years. Our experience enables objects of any complexity, form and design. All phases from design to delivery and maintenance of the pool are on our way.

Unique representatives of OSPA

We are the official representative of OSPA in Russia. The design and installation of water-training equipment of the OSPA class may be carried out by units of registered distributors. Oples' company built dozens of OSPA pools. Trust me. Construction of a basin To real professionals.

Basin services

Planned and non-scheduled maintenance of equipment and the basin itself is required after the construction of the basin. Allpools operates all necessary services as well as repairs related to the guarantee and post-guarantee damages of equipment.

Big choice of goods

On the official Alpuls website, a vast range of pool and spa area equipment, from filters and pumps to stainless steel, dosing stations and basin chemistry.


We work directly with the largest European and domestic producers of basin products, have all necessary quality and conformity certificates. In our catalogue, we can get and buy equipment from producers like Hugo Lahme, Peraqua, OSPA, TPA, Chemoform, Gemas, Dinotec, OSF and many others.

Payment and delivery

In our store, there is any way you can afford to pay cash and cash, be it the payment of MasterCard and Visa plastics cards, the transfer to a bank account or cash payment when received. We also offer suitable means of delivery throughout Russia, Moscow, Moscow, Moscow province, Crimea, or self-exporting from our stores.

Good cooperation

For permanent buyers and other stores, we are providing a flexible system of dealer discounts that will allow the purchase of pool equipment at cheapest prices in the market. Leave a request for cooperation and know more about how to become our distributor.

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