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How To Make Mistakes In Basin Construction

Basin construction

Строительство бассейна на дачеTo buy a low-cost, ready-to-be sauna and pool in the near Pomoscovia, a task that is not an option. But you can also acquire a plot of land, draw up a plan and order a project of a country house with the same pool, defining not only its size and characteristics, but also its location in a place that is convenient to you: at least in the basement, at least on the roof or at the very site.

The pool cattage is a status house. And the price of such facilities rarely falls sharply even during periods of drastically low real estate. So even the construction of a new building A pool house with a key I don't think it'll cost you much.

You can put a pool on the table if you have one.

How can a pool be at a suburban site

Before we begin to build a pool at the suburban house, we need to figure out what it's worth to you. It could be a pool:

  • Inflatable;
  • Carcass;
  • plastic;
  • Classic with a concrete cup.

The first two options we're not considering, you can put them anywhere in the station anytime. And the other two will require some design, and it will be hard for you to build them without a specialist.

There are 3 options for positioning the basin ' s cup on the ground:

  • Surface;
  • Medium;
  • deep.

They may also be open and closing. For things you don't always live on, it's best to choose the last option. 'Cause an unserviceable open pool can be very quickly turned into a deep larvae with mosquito larvae, plaunum beetles, or headaches.

Filter and chemical treatment systems should also be envisaged. It is unlikely that a device will be appropriate for a tidal pool where all the water is continuously cleared, but there is no need for superficial neglect. You don't have to do this without:

  • Icemere - garbage collection baskets;
  • pump;
  • Quarter sand filter.

And here are water heaters with the possibility of chemical treatment of purified water, you complete your pool as you wish.

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